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The transition from flow TV to on-demand continues to present challenges while the trend of market consolidation is expected to continue throughout 2018, say lawyers.

Merger and acquisition activity reshapes the market as does convergence, which maintains its grip on the market.  

Martin Dahl Pederson, Kromann Reumert, explained: “Big traditional media companies are buying up different kinds of start-ups. That’s the easiest way to get new comers and new technologies combining with old media.”

He added: “The trend is the transition from flow TV to on-demand were you have all sorts of streaming services and change in the value change.”

Market participants also note increased activity in the radio sector, prompted by renewed market confidence. The sports sector has also seen an upturn in activity, particularly in e-sports with the development of new media platforms.

Highlighting broadcast market growth, Henrik Peytz, Nielsen Norager, said: “With commercial radio what is interesting to know is that it is going better than ever. There is more optimism in the market and the market is growing, which is a positive development.”

As with elsewhere in the EU, the topic of data compliance and protection has been a central part of industry enquiry.

Henrik Peytz , Nielsen Norager, noted: “Data protection is a very hot topic in Denmark and everyone is busy preparing.”

He added: “There are so many grey areas that need to be settled over the course of the year. It’s a matter of having the right software, the right laws and there is a lot of cost involved.”


Kromann Reumert is a prestigious practice known for its extensive coverage of media and entertainment sectors. The firm is appointed by clients from television, radio, sports, publishing, online media and film. Working with Linnea Clara Klingberg-Jensen, head of the media law division Martin Dahl Pedersen advised on the media’s right to protect sources. The team also advised on an arbitration case against the Danish Association of Football Clubs.

Media law specialist Lassen Ricard acts for broadcasters and entertainment companies in a multitude of cases. Led by managing partner Peter Lambert, the team advises television and radio operators on distribution and retransmission of content, copyright and marketing. Terese Foged has extensive experience in cases involving digital copyright and acquisition by television stations of rights to linear and on-demand use including third-party exploitation of rights. The team also advises on legislative frameworks.


Bech-Bruun’s media focus includes music games, marketing and publishing. The media and entertainment practice is managed by Peer B. Petersen and has a particular emphasis on commercial matters and competition issues. The team advises on film, television advertisements, sport and sponsor agreements as well as press law.  

The media team at Bruun & Hjejle has broad experience representing media companies and individuals in defamation and privacy cases. Morten Stadil and Olaf Koktvedgaard are the firm’s primary contacts who work closely with the data protection group. The team also advises on intellectual  property in the context of mergers and acquisitions. The team advises multiple television networks in cases involving investment, mergers and litigation.

Gorrissen Federspiel has established a specialised cross practice group focussed on media, entertainment and telecommunications. The firm is rising in prominence with instruction from across the audio-visual segment. Joint heads Martin André Dittmer and Lasse Arffmann Søndergaard Christensen lead the media team in its advice on regulation, competition, disputes and corporate transactions. In representative work the firm assisted Bauer Media Group with the acquisition of SBS Discovery’s commercial radio stations. According to one client, the team has “a unique combination of the highest level of competencies in competition law, economics and procurement of media rights, both in terms of contracting and legal issues”.

Horten specialises in online distribution advice. Lawyers work with media and entertainment clients on matters including classic publishing agreements, record contracts and television production agreements. The team advises on complex cases relating to the new distribution forms of music, film and television on all platforms. Heidi Steen Jensen is among key practitioners, as is Hans Abildstrøm, and specialises in gaming.

Nielsen Nørager focusses on entertainment. Lawyers advise on agreements for production, financing of films and on disputes relating to film rights. The practice group, managed by Henrik Peytz, has considerable experience acting for clients from the radio, television and telecommunications sectors. The team also specialises in competition law.  


Bird & Bird specialises in digital publication and digital content rights. The firm is also appointed by clients in cases of defamation, privacy and freedom of speech regarding commercial statements. Department head Peter Lind Nielsen leads the media group, with clients from the audio-visual, marketing and online sectors. Clients describe the team as “always very efficient, fast and accurate in their work”. One client highlights Christian Scherfig for his “deep and far reaching understanding of the media sector and having been so close to the industry, is very commercially minded and knowledgeable on the sector.”

With an emphasis on gambling, Moalem Weitemeyer Bendtsen routinely acts for foreign providers of online gaming. Pernille Nørkær manages the media division which also specialises in entertainment and sports. The firm’s client portfolio includes artists, writers, athletes and sponsors. Lawyers also advise on dispute resolution and intellectual property, including image rights.   

NJORD Law Firm is building a leading position as local media expert with a global portfolio that includes entertainment and sports clients. Led by Jeppe Brogaard Clausen, the team assisted HBO in Denmark and Norway on media matters. The team also advised one of the world’s largest media groups on an ongoing basis on personal data protection legislation, compliance and transfer of data to third parties under the Safe Harbour regime. Lawyers also have a particular focus on copyright across the Nordic countries.   


Delacour has a media, gambling and sports focus. The firm is appointed by small and large gambling operators for advice on legislation and compliance. Bo Vadt Christensen handles all sports law matters including drafting and negotiating contracts and lease agreements. Entertainment-related aspects of work are handled by Morten Bruus, who also advises on copyright, music publishing, films and games and on marketing and libel law.


Knop & Co focusses on entertainment and marketing. Lawyers advise on contentious and non-contentious cases and have a particular focus on litigation. The practice is appointed by clients from the film, television, music and internet segments. Head of department Nikolaj Linneballe leads the media team, which also works on cases involving intellectual property, contracts and corporate transactions.  







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