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Data protection continues to be a priority area for Gibraltar this year, while gaming maintains its position as the industry’s most profitable segment.  

The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority issued its sixth guidance notes on GDPR in August last year, after the EU-wide legislation replaced the country’s Data Protection Act 2004.


The introduction the GDPR was a significant development in data protection law that is intended to ensure there is a ‘lawful basis’ for personal

data collection.


A spokesperson for the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority commented: "Identifying the lawful basis that an organisation relies on to process personal data is a fundamental step in ensuring data protection compliance.

“The GDPR and the DPA list the lawful bases that organisations can rely on to process personal data.

This guidance note aims to identify the lawful bases that are available for organisations to rely on, in a practical and concise manner.”

He added: “Other recent changes in the data protection law include the appointment of staff to ensure data protection compliance, easier rights of access to data and notification of data breaches

to individuals. Organisations, both private and public, need to ensure that they comply with their data protection obligations."


The effect of Brexit on Gibraltar’s gaming industry has also been a topic of importance, with tax implications and regulation among the dominant areas of concern.


Gibraltar’s Minister of Financial Services and Gaming, Albert Isola, has highlighted Gibraltar’s already strict regulation, noting the country’s “careful and cautious approach”.  


Mr Isola spoke of challenges for the gaming industry during his interview in September 2018 with Cryptonews, a company that provides coverage of the global blockchain and cryptocurrency news.

Speaking about Brexit, Mr Isola said: “We don’t believe Brexit will have an impact on the blockchain and on what we do. Our legislation is stricter than the EU will come up with.”

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Gaming law specialist Hassans is among the region’s most reputable firms with diverse case coverage. Leading lawyer and industry expert Nyreen Llamas advises a range of international gaming companies on data protection, intellectual property, tax and corporate matters. The firm has also been involved in the successful flotation of several gaming groups and has assisted in the corporate restructuring and consolidation of various operators.

Isolas is a leading choice for sports and entertainment law. The team has extensive experience advising local and international sports personalities on contract law preparation and negotiation. With a corporate and business law focus, key practitioner Steven Caetano also specialises in intellectual property, online gaming and e-commerce.


Present since 1985, Attias & Levy has built a reputable practice with a broad client base. The team is experienced in dealing with media law cases notably relating to libel and slander. On a local basis the firm acts for clients in connection with libellous online content.  

Specialising in gaming law, Triay Stagnetto Neish represents some of the region’s largest online gambling companies. The firm advises on matters ranging from legislative changes and regulatory frameworks to the establishment of a local presence.


Ramparts is one of the few firms focussing on media and entertainment. The practice also assists internet-based service providers and online gaming operators on compliance, marketing and regulation. Founding partner Peter Howitt manages the firm and is highlighted by peers for his advice on the establishment of an online social network for artists.  Other focus areas include data protection, licensing, sales and distribution, cloud computing and technology development.

Triay & Triay’s media-related work stems from its corporate and commercial department which works on e-business, online gaming and data protection. The firm is among Gibraltar’s leading in business law, advising domestic and international clients.


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