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Founded by celebrity lawyer, Samuel Seow, the Samuel Seow Law Corporation is a multi-faceted practice that prides itself in its ability to provide high quality, tailor made solutions to its clients.

While it is a true multi-service firm with many areas of practice, the law firm has a distinct focus on media law and intellectual property specialisations.


The firm takes much pride in its focus on supporting creative talents in the performing arts, both local and international.

Lawyers have a reputation for resolutely protecting the intellectual property rights of their many clients, and take great satisfaction in embarking on projects to better enrich society and culture.

It is indeed for this reason that the firm goes to great lengths to assist charities, educational institutes and other such originations on a pro-bono basis.

Commercial Matters

For commercial matters, the firm expertly educates and advises clients on how to best commercially

Samuel Seow Law Corporation


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protect and exploit intellectual property laws and construct business structures to do the same. Dozens of companies, both domestic and international, have relied on the firm for intellectual property related advice and services.

Additionally, the is passionate about opposing the harmful effects of intellectual property infringement on the media industry and has embarked on many complains to this effect.


Despite its relative youth, Samuel Seow Law Corporation operates in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines and further aims to expand its operations throughout the South East Asian region.


15 Hoe Chiang Road,

26-01 Tower Fifteen

Singapore 089316

T: +65 6887 3393  

F:  +65 6887 3303  


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