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Romania’s media industry has had a strong level of growth over the past year, reaching a market value of EUR4 billion, with a predicted annual growth rate of 7 per cent until 2027.

According to PwC’s media and entertainment report, Romania has the highest estimated industry growth rate among the Central and Eastern European countries.

In other developments, political advertising in media has been a central topic amid industry concerns about the state of independent journalism. The influx of paid political advertising, in a year of elections for Romania, has caused concern about media funding and independence. Lawyers say transparency mechanisms are lacking in contracts for political advertising.  

In a recent report, Romanian press freedom NGO ActiveWatch stated: ‘Non-transparent funding of the media by some political parties distorts the public agenda and the tax payers are deceived by non-transparent politically sponsored content that is falsely promoted as journalism.’

The digital advertising market is expected to reach USD574.1 million this year, according to Statista. Other segments with forecasts of growth include the video game segment which is set to reach USD342.30 million in 2024.


Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen has its expertise in broadcasting, content distribution, publishing and advertising. Clients praise the team for its legal insight and responsiveness. “The firm’s lawyers demonstrate a high standard of advice, with particular knowledge of the Romanian television industry”, said one client. The team advises on complex cases connected with broadcasting agreements, advertising and related regulation, tax and corporate matters.

Tuca Zbarcea Asociatii’s leading media and advertising group attracts multiple clients from the broadcast sector. With assistance including legal and regulatory, the firm’s service areas cover a range of matters including television distribution, digital broadcasting and authorisation. Lawyers have extensive experience advising on electronic communication and audio-visual law. The team is highly regarded for its entertainment and publishing specialisations.


Bulboaca & Asociatii has notable expertise in the area of film and entertainment. TMT lawyers act for a multitude of local and international clients in cases of acquisitions and spectrum licensing. The team assists with the provision of electronic content in Romania via EU established entities in cases with cross-border components - involving data protection, e-commerce and advertising regulations.

Musat & Asociatii is recognised for its transactional and regulatory advice on broadcasting and communications. The team advises on high profile cases involving television and radio operators, entertainment companies and music record labels. The firm represents private and state-owned entities and is renowned for its diverse sector coverage.


Biris Goran has an impressive scope of media work. Traditionally focussed on IT, the firm is developing broader sector specialisation that includes advertising, gaming and online media. The firm is popular among the entrepreneurial community and noted for its advice to start-up businesses. Lawyers regularly advise on venture capital transactions in the gaming and new media sectors.

With a communications emphasis, Buzescu Ca’s core focus is on digital media. The team has in-depth knowledge of satellite communications services, local television and electronic media. Team experience includes advice on the sale of assets and subscriber lists to a leading cable television, internet and voice services companies. In other work lawyers assisted a satellite operator, which provides television, radio, data and communications solutions on various operational matters.

With presence spanning two decades, CMS has a strong position locally. The team specialises in business litigation and international arbitration matters. The team also advises producers and operators from the cinema industry on various changes in cinematographic law. Lawyers also advise on the collective management of IP rights, copyright legislation and tax matters.


Popovici Nitu Stoica & Asociatii covers competition and regulatory aspects of media work with a broader focus on technology and telecoms. The firm’s media team assists with multiple copyright matters, data protection and privacy-related issues. Lawyers are praised by clients for having detailed knowledge of distribution and e-commerce regulatory compliance.


With an established media practice, Voicu & Filipescu manages a range of cases on behalf of advertisers, broadcasters and content producers. Clients described the team as a composition of “skilful lawyers, with valuable insight of the market and a very good understanding of legal matters”. The firm’s media team advises domestic and international clients on copyright shares, distribution of themed channels and rating of audio-visual content.



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