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Our analysis is based on independent research that is carried out by a dedicated team of qualified specialist journalists. This means they are trained to deliver a balanced examination of trends in the legal market and of the business environment.

Our research process includes sending out questionnaires to participating law firms as well as interviewing corporate media directors and advisers, by phone and face-to-face.

Our findings are examined and allow us to form rankings and support commentaries for each of the 56 jurisdictions under review. Firms cannot pay to be included in the rankings. Equally, there is no charge for participation.


Our methodology is based on qualitative research. This method is exploratory in nature and allows us to gain an in-depth understanding of the legal market and its structure. Each year this process includes sending a research questionnaire to each of our participating law firms. The information we request includes:


 • Details of the most important cases over the past 12 months

  Details of developments within the firm, including personnel changes and new offices

 • A list of client referees, who we contact for an interview

We then conduct interviews with partners around the world asking for their professional opinion on markets trends, other leading law firms and key practitioners. We also interview clients asking for their perspective on the firms they instructed and the individual lawyers they worked with. Clients include in-house counsel from private and public institutions, domestic and international, as well as foreign lawyers who have referred work to local firms.

Our research process includes visiting law firms in the jurisdictions we cover. These trips allow us to build strong working relationships with our participating firms and enhance our understanding of the markets we examine.


 • Rankings of the leading media law firms in countries around the world

  Analysis of market trends and developments in each jurisdiction

 • Editorial coverage of ranked firms, including case and client information

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