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      Collecting societies are confronted with

a change in income from traditional remuneration models. As a result, they

are taking even more aggressive action against companies.  

There is a new trend emerging towards mass claims affecting companies charging flat-rate service fees or similar additional fees.

In particular, the Austrian Chamber of Labour has tried to aggressively apply a court decision in connection with fitness studios to each and every service or additional fee charged by companies in totally different circumstances and business fields.

Digital media segments have become more and more important, particularly broadcasts over satellite. Consequences for the copyright levies were a big topic in the past year.

Social media remains important as it grants companies the possibility of interacting directly with audiences. Meanwhile, classical media, such as newspapers, continues to play a dominant role in the media market.


Navigating the complexities of modern media, from data protection to social media, is DORDA's forte. DORDA specialises both in internet-related issues and digitalization. Since its inception in 2005, the practice team set up by Axel Anderl has particularly covered the interfaces between the various overlapping legal aspects in this area. DORDA's team of 14 media law specialists advise on both traditional and digital media, offering guidance in areas of data protection, intellectual property law, IT law and competition law. DORDA's experience comes from years of advising prestigious businesses, influencers and startups on their media activities

Höhne, In der Maur & Partner has an outstanding reputation for media and entertainment. The firm’s media lawyers are described by clients as “strategic and pro-active” with leading expertise in print and broadcasting law. The firm also represents clients in film, music and digital media sectors. The firm is appointed by high profile individuals in cases of privacy violation.

Korn Rechtsanwälte is widely recognised in the Austrian legal market for its dominance and media focus. With three decades of sector commitment, the practice is notably appointed by clients from the traditional media sector, including publishers and broadcasters. The team also advises clients from the online and sports segments. The team regularly advises on internet, copyright and competition law.    


Broadcast law expert Ploil Boesch has a distinctive practice focussed on radio and television regulation and licensing. Clients include local and international broadcasters. The team handles cases that include representation in regulation and licensing proceedings, cooperation contracts and cable and satellite infrastructure agreements.   

Ruggenthaler, Rest & Borsky has established a strong position in legal market and is popular among media clients. One client describe lawyers as “highly skilled and experienced media lawyers” who have “profound knowledge of the media market.” The firm represents Austrian newspaper KURIER and has advised Mediaprint on multiple cases connected with media law and competition.

Zöchbauer & Partner is well regarded for with media sector work and advice on privacy protection. The practice is respected among peers and described as a leading industry practitioner. The firm is noted for its market visibility and active involvement in local media cases.


Kunz Wallentins primary areas of practice are film law, sports law and copyright. The team advises on financing, production and exploitation of motion pictures. The practice works with international sports organisations and athletes. Lawyers also advise broadcasting companies, television producers, musicians, advertising and new media agencies on all matters related to copyright issues.

Maria Windhager has high visibility and handles cases diligently, say competitors. The firm’s core service areas are media law and privacy rights law. The team acts for clients from the radio, television, press and social media segments. Lawyers are praised by peers who say the firm is often quoted when an expert is needed in media law.

Noll, Keider specialises in media law and copyright. Highly recommended by peers nationally, the firm is praised for the extensive knowledge of its lawyers. The practice is among the country’s most prominent, highlighted for its industry dedication. The firm is singled out for his in-depth knowledge of media law and competition law.


Focussing on licensing and regulatory matters, CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz advises commercial broadcasters, film makers and clients from the sports industry. The team is recognised for its broad experience advising on copyright, including conditional access law, distribution, unfair competition and publishing law.

The protection of intellectual property is one of the core competences of Graf Isola. The practice group, led by Dr Claudia Csaky and Dr Ferdinand Graf, provides its clients with comprehensive advice in all areas of IP & IT Law and is widely respected for their in-depth knowledge of trademark, patent, copyright law and all aspect of information technology law. Working closely together with its specialists from competition/antitrust law as well as corporate/M&A, its long-standing clients, many of them from the healthcare or communications sector, enjoy the benefits of the full-service law firm and regularly entrust the team with high-profile proceedings up to the Supreme Court.

Polak & Partner’s media work is driven by its intellectual property specialisation. The department focus includes litigation, data protection and licensing. In highlighted work, the team represented a client from the sports sector in litigation on publicity and privacy rights.


Petsch Frosch Klein Arturo lawyers have long-standing experience advising on multiple aspects of intellectual property law. Founded in 1956, the firm has an established position working with local and international clients on copyright protection, competition law and litigation. The firm also has an office in Milan with Austrian practitioners working with the firm’s international network of lawyers.




Höhne, In der Maur & Partner

Korn Rechtsanwälte


Gheneff Rami Sommer

Lansky, Ganzger, Goeth + Partner 

Ploil Boesch

Ruggenthaler, Rest & Borsky

Zöchbauer & Partner




Kunz Wallentin

Maria Windhager  

Noll, Keider


CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz

Graf Isola

Polak & Partner


Andréewitch & Partner

Knyrim Trieb

Krüger Bauer

Petsch Frosch Klein Arturo


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