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      The Greek legal framework is constantly developing - especially with regard to media and intellectual property provisions - in order to catch up with market needs and EU Directives.

Indicatively, it is worth noting the recent legal amendments that took place in two different areas of law. Firstly, the introduction of L.4996/2022 that brought significant changes to intellectual property law, amending the existing L.2121/1993 and, secondly, the recent changes to the statutes that govern advertising practices in Greece.


1. L. 4996/2022 implemented into the Greek legislation of EU Directive 2019/789 and attempted to: (a) to facilitate the licensing of copyright and related rights in works and other subject matters of protection contained in transmissions of certain types of television and radio programs with a view to the wider dissemination in Member States

of broadcast programs originating in other States members for the benefit of users throughout

the Union.

A notable - and quite disputed - change was introduced by Article 14 of Law 4996/2022 (as amended article 7a to L. 4481/2017), that provides for an extended copyright license concerning the use of works or other objects of protection except for audiovisual works, within the Greek territory, stating that collective management organisations and collective protection organisations with a declaration of theirs to the user,  may also  

represent rightholders who have not authoriSed them to this effect.

However, authors may oppose this “false/ presumed” representation excluding any of their works or other objects of protection or their uses from the organisation’s representative authority.


(b) to introduce provisions that will allow educational institutions, public interest research institutions and cultural heritage institutions to reduce transaction costs.

(c) to regulate public lending. Specifically, the rightholder's right to allow or prohibit the public lending of his works is removed, while at the same time a system of reasonable remuneration is introduced, as compensation for public lending without the permission of the beneficiary.

(d) Furthermore, Law 4996/2022 amends article 51B of Law 2121/93 in favor of press publishers regarding the online use of their publications by service providers, granting them the right to allow or prohibit partial or total reproduction and on-demand availability (wired or wireless) of their publications.


A&K Metaxopoulos & Partners is considered a top Media, IP and TMT expert law firm in Greece. With 65 years of expertise in the field of Intellectual Property and Media Law, the firm has handled a vast variety of cases in many industry sectors, by representing key international and domestic clients. The firm’s partners Kriton Metaxopoulos, Irini Daroussou and Marilena Nikolaraki have built their international reputation by representing such clients, as for example major film Studios, publishers and record companies as well as MPAA for many years. Kriton has also served as a BoD member of Warner Music for more than 20 years.

Media law division works closely with the commercial practice at Bahas, Gramatidis & Partners. Its primary focus is on intellectual property, data protection, licensing and e-commerce. Lawyers also have significant experience working on distribution and franchise agreements. The firm has a long-standing presence, dating 1970, and is recognised for providing high quality advice to local and global clients.

Active in the electronics sector, Cocalis & Partners is a leading choice for digital media matters. The firm’s members served on the Board of Directors of the first pay television platform and have advised on matters ranging from broadcasting licensing to competition law. The team has extensive experience advising on business and regulatory matters.   


The media and entertainment department at Avramopoulos & Partners handles litigation and content-related disputes on behalf of newspapers, magazines, film and television production companies and advertising agencies. Lawyers advise international studios and domestic production companies on matters ranging from film financing, tax planning and copyright.      

Ballas, Pelecanos & Associates focusses on media, advertising and data protection. The firm combines intellectual property and communications providing multidisciplinary advice. The team advises on contentious and non-contentious matters locally and abroad.

Bernitsas Law is held in high regard by its competitors. The firm’s leading position is attributed to its diverse sector coverage. Lawyers have extensive experience assisting with media sector commercial agreements, including production, transmission and advertising agreements. The team also advises on media sponsorship contracts and advertising restrictions.

Calavros Law Firm routinely assists clients with all legal aspects of copyright development, acquisition and protection. Lawyers work with broadcasting companies and telecommunications corporations. The firm specialises in intellectual property law at consultation and litigation levels.

Lawyers at Drakopoulos Law have significant experience assisting with licensing and technology transfer agreements. The team advises clients from the entertainment and publishing sectors on advertising, unfair competition and new media. With offices in Greece, Romania and Albania, the firm has an established presence locally and in Southeast Europe.

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Mourgelas & Associates specialises in the media and advertising sectors. Lawyers assist with marketing and communication matters including regulation and policy. The firm also has a separate sports practice representing Greek and international athletes and agents on legislative, regulatory and contractual matters. Other areas of work include extra judicial settlement of claims.

Sarantitis Law Firm acts for television and satellite broadcasters, radio stations, newspapers and magazines. Also handling corporate transactions, the group advises on the acquisition of media corporations and compliance with local regulation. Lawyers represent clients before the Radio-TV National Council, the Ministry of Press and Media and Administrative Authorities.    

Libel and privacy specialist Tsoukala & Partners is described by clients as “prompt and efficient”. The firm is described by clients as “extremely capable of handling complex, multi-jurisdictional transactions”. The full-service firm represents clients in libel cases, assists with corporate transactions and advices on regulatory matters.

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KKKM Law Firm's partners and associates have considerable experience in advising and handling cases in a wide range of Law Areas, including litigation and administrative procedures (regulatory authorities). The Firm has been active since 2007 and is one of the most specialised law firms in media law in Greece. The practice is distinguished for its adaptability to the rapidly evolving environment as well as its ability to provide innovative and business – oriented advice and solutions, in a flexible and cost efficient manner.


A&K Metaxopoulos & Partners   

Bahas, Gramatidis & Partners     

Cocalis & Partners           


Zepos & Yannopoulos          


Avramopoulos & Partners          

Ballas, Pelecanos & Associates

Bernitsas Law       

Calavros Law Firm

Drakopoulos Law   

Kyriakides Georgopoulos                       


Dryllerakis & Associates                                   

Koutalidis Law Firm  

Mourgelas & Associates

Nikolinakos & Partners       

Politis & Partners

Sarantitis Law Firm

Tsoukala & Partners  



Fortsakis, Diakopoulos & Associates  

KKKM Law Firm

Karatzas & Partners                              

Lambadarios Law Firm    

PPT Legal      

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