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The year ahead could be one of significant change for Mexico after the introduction the long-awaited cybersecurity bill.

According to Gartner Consulting, Mexico’s cybersecurity market revenue is expected to reach a total of USD3.19 billion by 2028, with growth attributed to the increasing demand for cybersecurity solutions in various sectors.

Lawyers say the cybersecurity market is showing signs of maturity and expected to continue growing in line with the country’s digitalisation efforts.

In other developments, the broader media market, including entertainment, is expected show significant increase in total revenue, to reach USD345 million by 2027.

The OTT market is also predicted to show continued growth with the OTT video segment to increase between 2024 and 2029 by in total of 16.5 million users, according to Statista.

In publishing-sector developments, including book, newspaper and magazine printing, the market was subject to post-pandemic growth by about 71 per cent between 2020 and 2023.


Acedo Santamarina is traditionally known for its media and technology focus and broader emphasis on data privacy and corporate transactions. Since its establishment in 2009, the firm has built a leading practice specialised in the communication industry. The team regularly advises authorities including Federal Telecommunications Institute and the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation on related projects.

The media team at BGBG has extensive experience negotiating corporate agreements and advising on television content. The firm assists with the preparation and participation in national and international public bids and government contracts related to telecommunications and broadcasting. Lawyers also advise on satellite systems, radio and government relations.

Core areas of focus at Dentons López Velarde include regulation, corporate law and litigation disputes. The firm’s experience includes structuring and negotiating the use of frequency bands and telecommunication networks. Under the leadership of Sergio Legorreta, lawyers assist clients with acquisitions, incorporations and the operation of cable television.

Sports and entertainment specialist Mijares, Angoitia, Cortés y Fuentes acts for athletes and artists from multiple media sectors, assisting with transactions, privacy and intellectual property matters. The team also handles contract negotiations, advises on tax, sports arbitration and disciplinary proceedings.  


Baker McKenzie handles a multitude of complex media cases. Since becoming operational in Mexico in 1961 the firm has become a “legal powerhouse” say peers. The firm’s media team advises on a range of transactions with cross-border elements. In highlighted work lawyers assisted Amazon with the provisions of its digital and media content in Mexico, including ebooks and films. In other work the team advised Grupo Imagen on the restructure of its television series production agreements and joint ventures with leading production studios.

Hogan Lovells enhances local and global coverage through its collaboration with full-service firm Barrera, Siqueiros y Torres Landa, increasing its capacity across Latin America. The firm’s international experience in media sector cases ranges from print and broadcast to film and computer games. The team also advises rights holders from sporting institutions and distributors to exhibitors.


With a primary focus on intellectual property, Galicia’s work involves negotiation of franchise agreements, license transfer and the use and promotion of intellectual property. Other core areas of advice include regulation of information, data protection and intellectual property litigation.

Gonzalez Calvillo has a combined focus on media, telecommunication and intellectual property. Lawyers advise on mobile and satellite-based services, cable television and radio. The team assists with mergers and acquisitions, private equity and debt offerings, and obtaining permits. Acting for international clients, the firm’s litigators assist with administrative and civil suits connected with IP rights.

Robles Miaja is a small but sophisticated practice with a TMT, e-commerce and antitrust focus. The team provides advice on corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, antitrust and constitutional litigation. Lawyers work with local and overseas clients on complex cross-border cases.

Sesma, Sesma & McNeese represents leading private companies in the radio and television sectors. The team’s focus areas include information technology, data protection and strategies. The practice regularly advises on foreign investment, telecommunications, international commerce and broadcasting.


Greenberg Traurig’s multidisciplinary approach broadens the scope of its sector coverage. In the area of broadcasting, the team advises on sector-specific tax regulation, competition law and foreign investment. Practitioners have in-depth experience assisting with multiple commercial cases and operating projects. Lawyers also negotiate technical supply and content provision agreements for pay television distribution.

Jáuregui y Del Valle’s media focus is on sports, entertainment and gaming. Representing domestic and international clients, the firm assists publically-owned companies on various matters including public bid processes and negotiations of procurement. The practice has a broad client base that includes Televisión Azteca, DirecTV International and Disney.


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Dentons Lopez Velarde

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Baker McKenzie

Dechamps International Law

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Hogan Lovells

Ruiz Moreno & Asociados  



DLA Piper  


Gonzalez Calvillo


Robles Miaja  

Santamarina + Steta

Sesma, Sesma & McNeese


Axkati Legal

Basham, Ringe y Correa

Creel, García-Cuéllar, Aiza y Enríquez  

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